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Collettivo Damp

Il collettivo damp nasce come progetto non intenzionale nel 2017 dall’incontro di Alessandro Armento, Luisa de Donato, Viviana Marchiò, Adriano Ponte, che hanno individuato lo… Leggi tutto »Collettivo Damp


Ampparito is a young Spanish artist who works subverting objects, meanings and realities to generate new experiences or situations. These may arise a wide range… Leggi tutto »Ampparito

Maziar Mokhtari

Maziar was born in 1980 in Isfahan, Iran. He moved to Italy in 2004 and lives and works between the two countries.

Marianna Sannino

Her artistic research focuses on memory and the diachronic dimension of time.

Leonardo Crudi

Leonardo is a self-taught artist. At the age of 13 he discovered the world of graffiti.

Giovanni Battimello

His artistic research is carried out through different means of expression: painting, sculpture, video, installations, etc.

Enrico Robusti

After graduating with a law degree, Enrico devoted himself entirely to painting, dominated above all by the desire to enrich his pictorial technique in order to understand the secrets of his ancestors.


Egeon is a multidisciplinary artist specialized in watercolor and murals.

Cristiano Carotti

Born in Terni in 1981, Cristiano currently lives and works in Rome. He works with painting, sculpture and installation focusing on the influence of symbols on social dynamics. In his latest research, he investigated the conflict between Homo Naturalis and Mechanicus.