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Art Summit - Vesuvio Contemporary Residency

Esperienze di ospitalità e scambio artistico-culturale nel complesso vulcanico del Somma-Vesuvio

the project | concept

The Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex is a unique phenomenon in the Italian anthropological context due to the still-existing presence of ancient devotional practices associated with the worship of the mountain – Mount Somma – the other part of Vesuvius.

The project invites a group of national and international emerging artists to the Casamale village in Somma Vesuviana to reflect on the possible contemporary significance of the magical-ritual dimension.

L’invito è a scoprire un territorio ricchissimo di stimoli e rimasto fuori dalle rotte mainstream del turismo e del sistema dell’arte, con uno sguardo dall’interno in contrasto con la classica veduta da cartolina o da Grand Tour.

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l’incontro | Art Summit

The Mountain Festival on May 3 marks the opening of the Art Summit: a week of explorations and mutual understanding, involving the entire group of artists, followed by a series of residencies.

During the week, artists have the opportunity to share experiences and benefit from a program of guided visits facilitated by curators and numerous partners, exploring the material and immaterial heritage, natural, archaeological, food and wine, and oral tradition of the territory.

The experience of hospitality, exchange, and relationships is facilitated by the informal and friendly atmosphere typical of the slower pace of the village. It is accompanied by various opportunities for public presentations and industry networking.

The residences | research

After the Art Summit, artists return to Borgo Casamale for individual residencies, combining research and production, aimed at creating site-specific works.

Casa Tramandars, a building in the heart of Casamale recently renovated by the association, serves as a residence-studio for resident artists.

L'Archivio Russo Somma, a private collection founded in 1973, available for consultation, provides artists with exclusive access to 30,000 volumes on various disciplines, hundreds of prints and views of Naples and Vesuvius, and slides of monuments in Somma Vesuviana.

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The residencies | production

Art Summit – Vesuvio Contemporary Residency is made possible thanks to the generous support of Ansaldo Trasporti S.p.A, a leading company in the railway-tramway sector.

This partnership translates into a unique opportunity: the use of waste materials provided by the company for the production of artworks during the residencies, allowing artists to explore new creative perspectives.

The circular approach of reuse and recycling gives these materials a new meaning, also resulting in a valuable opportunity for skill exchange and value acquisition for both the company and the project.

The blockchain | certifications and nfts

At the end of the residency, each artist will receive a digital certificate of participation issued by Tramandars, publicly verifiable through blockchain technology. Additionally, the new artworks produced will be digitized in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The interdisciplinary approach with which the project was conceived materializes in these two digital products. The digital residency certification will contribute to providing an indissoluble document that will enrich the artist's curriculum.

The digitalized artworks on the blockchain (NFT) will culminate in an educational process on new technologies relevant to the art market, providing new opportunities for sales and funding for artists.

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the artists | 2023

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