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Leonardo Crudi

Born in Rome in 1988, Leonardo is a self-taught artist. At the age of 13 he discovered the world of graffiti. This first “street” education taught him to build two-dimensional images and associate colors, also leading him to develop an interest in a representation poised between abstraction and figuration. Since 2012 he has dedicated himself to the production of his first work on paper, inspired through the geometric elements, by graffiti lettering and, for the realistic rendering of the figures, by the shots of Italian neorealist cinema. He chooses the ballpoint pen and enamel as means of expression, combining the vertical graphic stroke with geometric backgrounds of uniform color. Since 2014, he has deepened the lesson of Renato Mambor (1936-2014); thus he perfects the spatial two- dimensionality and introduces silhouettes of workers into the compositions. In 2015 he devoted himself to the study of Soviet avant-garde cinema, influenced by Ėjzenštejn’s “montage of wonders”. Subsequently he turned to the pictorial and photographic avant- gardes of Russian Suprematism, Constructivism and Futurism, and reworked the lessons of Rodčenko, El Lissitzky and Malevič. He is attracted by the possibility of combining abstraction and figuration in a language capable of conveying ethical and political contents. In his vision, being an artist means actively engaging in the transformation of contemporary society.